Curbing the tuberculosis and diabetes co-epidemic

Bao, J., Hafner, R., Lin, Y., Lin, H.H. and Magee, M.J., 2018. Curbing the tuberculosis and diabetes co-epidemic: strategies for the integration of clinical care and research. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 22(10), pp.1111-1112.

  • Progress in reducing TB incidence and mortality has been slow.
  • TB control strategies are being threatened by diabetes mellitus (DM), a non-communicable disease.
  • DM increases the risk of developing active TB.
  • The prevalence of DM has risen most quickly in low- and middle-income regions with significant TB burdens.
  • Current estimates suggest DM contributes to as many cases of active TB as HIV/AIDS.
  • The DM epidemic continues to increase steadily.
  • Patients with both TB and DM experience worse clinical outcomes, including increased risk of treatment failure, relapse, and death.
  • Resources for TB-DM research and treatment programs are limited.
  • Large-scale clinical trials have not been conducted to find better treatment and management methods for patients with concurrent TB and DM.


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